Monday, January 4, 2010

New Day One

It's been decided that I am going to restart my diet starting today. I will be using this space to try to keep track of what I'm eating, how it's working and what I'm weighing. I forgot to weigh myself this morning. So I'll have to post my starting stats tomorrow.
If you stumbled across this accidentally, feel free to follow or comment or whatever, but please keep it positive as this is my attempt to change my life.
I don't want to be fat any more. I want to be healthy for my son and attractive for my husband.

The only plan that really works for me is cutting carbs, so I'm going back to that. Not Atkins per se - because I get too confused with the whole carb ladder and the order you're supposed to introduce foods in etc. But I will be trying to stick to between 20-25 Grams of carbs per day for at least the first month. Once I'm sure that I'm consistantly losing weight I plan to give myself extra carbs on the weekends, maybe and extra 10-15, just enough to have a little variety. But I don't see that happening until closer to March.

There are 6 months before I'll be forced to put on a swimsuit. I would like to be at least 40 pounds thinner by then. If I acheive a weight loss of about 1.5 pounds per week I should be able to attain that. I'm not saying that I'll be done or that this is my final goal, because it's not. I still will be overwieght even after that. But it's as far ahead as I can see right now. When I reach it I'll decide what my next goal will be.

Supplements that I intend to take-
B complex
Fish oil
PreNatal multi vitamin (because it has extra iron and folate)

I'm shooting to take these once a day, but I keep them at work, so at least Mon-Fri and maybe some of them on the weekends...

Anyway, that's the plan for 2010.

Here's hoping for the best!

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