Monday, January 11, 2010

Feeling more like myself again

I’m feeling a little better now than I did the last time I posted. I’m still having cravings, but they aren’t as fierce, I’m finding that if I eat a small piece of sugar free chocolate at night it gives me enough satisfaction to get over it. Oh and Jello makes these Mousse temptations- sugar free desserts that have 60 calories and 3 net carbs per serving. They are awesome little cups of yumminess.

I am thinking about organizing my closet according to size. Over the years as I’ve gotten larger I have been reluctant to throw away my old clothes that no longer fit, telling myself I would get back into that pair of jeans or that dress or whatever. Right now all of my thin clothes are stuffed to the back of my closet or in plastic storage bins. I think seeing them again might be positive motivation.

I’m also considering doing a photo along with my weekly weigh in. I sort of did this when I was pregnant so I could see my bump growing. I’m a little hesitant to take fat photos of myself, but I think I’m going to start doing that tomorrow. The motivation as I see myself shrinking will be very good.

I still have not found the time to really exercise. As a working mom, I only get a couple of hours with my son when I get home and I’m usually in bed about an hour after I get him to sleep. I should try to walk on my lunch break or something, but it’s so damn cold outside. Plus I really hate to exercise and will find any excuse to avoid doing it. I was truly saddened when it came out that those belts that made your muscles twitch involuntarily did nothing for you (I can’t be the only one who remembers these things right?)

Can’t wait to weigh in and see my results tomorrow!

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  1. I totally remember the belts! If only, it could be that easy. Thanks for the info on the jello-mousse. Sounds good. I can't wait to read about your weigh-in tomorrow.