Friday, July 23, 2010

Shopping disappointments

This morning's weight was 218.
My mood today- kind of steady as she goes....

First I want to thank all of you for the great, supportive comments regarding my birthday cake dilema. I really appreciate it! I'm waffeling right now between attempting to make a sugar free cheesecake, attempting to find a sugar free cheesecake to purchase, and just saying screw it and letting my husband buy me a real cake. I have a feeling that the third option will be dependent upon the level of difficulty in the first two.
I did have quite a disappointment when I was trying to buy a new dress yesterday. I really really wanted something new (and a size smaller!) for my birthday. But while the smaller sizes fit good on my bottom half, my top was still a little too....buxom to pull it off in public. It would appear that I am not losing weight evenly across my body so nothing is really fitting right any more. I think I've lost it mostly in my legs. My stomach is getting smaller, but it's kinda stretched out still from being preggo and then really fat afterwords. I think it will take some time to snap back to what it was...if it ever really gets to what it was again.

So yeah, I was hoping I would have something new to make me feel pretty, but it doesn't look like it's going to pan out for me. I guess that's okay. I really didn't want to spend too much money on clothes that I'm hoping won't fint in a few months anyway.

Otherwise, not a lot is going on 'round these parts. My son's new favorite word is "no" but it's kind of cute the way he says it. I'm sure it will get old real fast though.

Random observation I made today... Does Disney have something against Moms? I just happened to notice that if a Disney character has a mom in the movie mentioned at all... She gets killed off pretty quickly. What's up with that?

So anyway, I'm hoping that you all have a nice weekend and stay cool (especially if you are anywhere in the NE United States, it's gonna hit 100 tomorrow! Yikes!).

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  1. Do you like all spice? I have a killer low carb "muffin" that can easily be turned into a cupcake (click the Lucy's Kitchen tag at the top of my blog)...and I have a low carb cheesecake (but I haven't posted the recipe for that yet-just the pics). The Cheesecake uses sugar free strawberry jello (are you opposed to using that?) but I used sugar free cherry-mmm.AND it has a crust! AND it does not need to be baked!!

    I'll make sure to post the cheesecake recipe early tomorrow morning!

    Sorry you had a rough time in finding something new to wear- THAT is all going to change: Hang in there! We CAN & WILL make it!