Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy Cinqo De Mayo

So I"m sitting here having my second beer of the evening. So far it's been a rough week and it's only Wednesday. So I'm throwing 16 carbs worth of caution to the wind and relaxing this evening.

Diet-wise I had no loss this week. But I didn't really gain either and mother nature dropped by this evening for a visit so I'm not going to sweat it too much.

I'm about to get into it with my son's occupational therapist soon. Since my husband is the one home at the moment, he's usually the one to take him to his appointments. I always call him when they are done. Those calls go something like this.

Me: So how did he do?
DH: Good I guess.
Me: What did he do today?
DH: Some swings and climbing over stuff.
Me: Really? Swings?...
I'm thinking I could have him take my son to the park for that and save the 30 co-pay each week.
DH: Yeah. and some other stuff too.
Me: Oh okay, like what?
DH: I don't remember... Oh yeah he was stacking some blocks.
Me: Oh...hmmm...Well what did the therapist say?
DH: He's doing good.
Me: OK but is he getting better?
DH: She didn't say, but she said some things we can do at home with him.
Me: Oh good! What does she want us to do?
DH: I don't know, she said to take him to the park.
Yeah that's what I was thinking too...

So, since I obviously wasn't going to get the scoop from my dearest love, I asked him to ask her to send home a note at his next visit. Well Monday he came home with said note, and (without getting into details) I was not happy with what she wrote. I came away with the distinct impression that she had drawn conclusions in advance of working with my son that he had certain disabilities that just are not truly present.
I was pissed. I wrote a letter.
4 pages.
It's going to turn ugly, I can see it now.
It didn't help any that mother nature was on her way to town for a visit. Mama bear was feeling grouchy.

Only slightly more irritating than Mother Nature's visits are those by my mother in law. I just found out she is coming back to town soon. I guess she's leaving MO on Friday so she'll be here just in time to monopolize to celebrate Mother's day.
OH joy.
One small secret happiness I have though is that my low carb diet is really going to irritate her to no end. I know it's totally wrong to be happy about that, but that evil part of me is totally snickering inside.
I'm so going to Hell.

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