Sunday, May 23, 2010

Finally the numbers are moving again!

As of this morning I was at 218. So long 220's! :-)
You know- you hear about plateaus when you are dieting and always figure that you won't let them get to you but when it actually happens.... Man can it be frustrating!
I was really getting down int he dumps when I stalled out around 221. The first week wasn't bad, the second week I accepted responsibility, the third week I felt like maybe I was just naturally fat.
I mean after all, almost all the women in my family are at least a little chubby...
Just when I though I had tapped into my last little reserve of will power the scale started to budge. Thank GOD!
And thank all of you who offered words of support and encouragement. I don't think I could have stuck with my diet for as long as I have with out this wonderful community to turn to for support.

So if anyone is reading this and feeling like they have stalled and are doomed to be the chubby friend with the great personality for the rest of their lives, hang in there. Keep doing what you are supposed to be doing and the scale will start moving again eventually.

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