Sunday, February 28, 2010

Excercising the body and soul...

So in March I have decided to try adding excercise to my plan. I've lost a little weight now and am feeling more energized so I think I can manage it. I'm going slowly at first because I have noticed in the past if I try to do too much too soon I feel like it's too hard and I can't do it. Soon after I usually end up giving up on the whole plan, diet included. I don't have any extra money right now, but luckily there is a small workout room in my apartment complex. It's not as good as a gym, but it's far more convenient and most importantly it's free. My goal is to get myself into shape so that when the weather finally warms up and the snow finally melts I can work out outdoors without embarrasing myself. Today was my first day and I feel pretty good so far.

I'm also using the season of Lent to try to get my family back into the habit of going to church on Sundays. My husband being the big sports fan that he is was all to eager to take advantage of my exhaustion when I was pregnant and then having the baby as an excuse not to go. But our son is almost 2 now and the church has a cry room we can sit in so no more excuses. So for Lent we are giving up one hour of our Sunday to spend time with God. I'm telling you all this because I feel like this is a  part of my overall plan to get healthy.

So much of my energy is focused on the health of my body. What I eat, how much I excercise and how I relax. I think that for me to feel truly healthy I also need to start investing some of my energy to my spirtual health as well. I'm not saying that you have to go to church to be healthy spiritually. I just think that I could use some improvement in that area and Church feels like a good first step for me. Physical fitness is a big goal of mine for this year, but I'm realizing that it's only a part of what I truly desire which is to be healthy. I wan to be healthy in body, spirit and mind. Just as I need to challenge my body if I expect to improve my physical health, I need to challenge my spirit and mind if I want to have a healthy soul and intellect.

"A sound mind in a sound body is a short but full description of a happy state in this world."

-John Locke (1632 - 1704)

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  1. what a lovely post! Being healthy DOES incorporate more than just the physical. Good for you for realizing it!!!! Continued success!