Tuesday, June 8, 2010


So I had a gain. This morning I hopped on and hopped right back off that scale. I'm not surprised at all. I've been eating like crap the last couple of days. There just aren't as many good options around as I would like sometimes when we're out. And I hate to be that person who brings a bag lunch when going to visit the in-laws. My MIL is the type of woman who gets offended if you don't eat what she makes. So far I've been able to get away with turning down desert, but I can't turn down everything or I would starve. In a couple of weeks though she'll be back in Missouri (hooray!) and I will have more control over the dinner menu again.

I've been very busy lately, So I apologize for the sporatic posting. Partly because of the aforementioned MIL visiting and partly due to other family obligations on my side. I did finally have some good news though this weekend, It looks like I'm going to be an aunt in January! My son will be so happy to have a little cousin to play with, I'm very excited. I'm also wishing a bit that I was having another. I know that the timing is horrible and financially we would be better off waiting... But my inner mommy is missing having a tiny little baby to snuggle up in my arms.

Ah well, maybe someday.....But first things first. Before I have any more babies I have to get my weight under control. Or at least under 200. I could live with myself if I was under 200 even if "they" say I should lose more...

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  1. Do your best. It's hard to stay on track when you have visitors.