Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Mutiny on the Body.

My Body is a vessel and my Head is the captain. Normally Head is in complete control of how the Body runs. Quickly and efficiently, Head is able to make decisions and plan out what needs to be done to keep Body in top running condition. Any dissention is immediately and forcefully squashed before it can gain a hold.

Head knows all the great reasons why Body should stick to healthy eating, yet today Mouth is craving sweets and lots of them. Head tries to appease Mouth by offering healthier alternatives. Apparently Mouth is smarter than Head gives her credit for because she isn’t easily fooled by artificial sweetener. She wants sugar and lots of it.

Head knows that these are cravings being brought on by TOM coming this week. Head tells Mouth to be content with an extra packet of Splenda in our coffee this morning. Mouth scoffs at this idea and demands a pastry. Head appeals to Heart to intervene but Heart just isn’t interested today. Heart mumbles something about doing this for our family, but is interrupted by Belly loudly growling grumpily about not getting a healthy breakfast this morning. Head retorts that we barely had time to wash our hair let alone fry an egg. Belly grumbles “could have at least grabbed an instant breakfast packet or something…grrr.” Out of nowhere Nose chimes in that it smells like someone brought in bagels today.

Head realizes that she is in serious danger of losing control. Arms and Legs appear to have joined the mutiny and start to follow Nose to the kitchen. Mouth and Belly seem to have taken complete control over the collective body at this point. Head is still protesting, but is tiring fast due to lack of sleep last night. Mouth and Belly make final maneuver by inserting dollar into machine and pushing the button for pop tarts. Head can no longer hold them back and it’s over. Mouth rapidly consumes pop tarts and Belly finally shuts up.

Head is confused about how she lost control of Body and asking Heart “WHY?” Heart says “Sorry dude, I just wasn’t in the mood to fight today.” Belly is sorry and feels bad about going against Head. The only one really happy at the moment is Mouth who is silently content with the warm strawberry sugar still faintly dancing on her tongue.

“Enjoy your victory now while you can, Mouth.” Head says “You won’t see another one for a long time!”

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  1. Hey! Popping in from Healthy You!

    Damn, this sounds so familiar. If one thing is off, it totally throws me off, and if I let myself get hungry, I can rationalize ANYTHING. DANGER!