Thursday, August 19, 2010

The only constant is change.

Okay so I received so unsettling news this week. The company I work for is being acquired by a larger company in our field. I knew something like this might have been coming, but it really sucks for me. I work in customer service and there’s a high likelihood that my job will become redundant. And even if they did offer me a position, I believe their CS department is in Florida. Not that I don’t like Florida, in fact I think it’s a lovely place. It’s just also about as far away as I can get from my whole family.

So basically I’m thinking this means I will be out of a job soon. -Probably by January as a matter of fact.

Can 2010 just freaking end already? This has been the worst year ever!!!!


I absolutely hate looking for a job. I hate everything about it. I hate searching through the paper, scanning over the ads to stuff envelopes for cash. I hate the awkward phone calls trying to set-up an interview. I hate the false cheerfulness that you have to put on your face during the job interview.

And my husband has been out of work and looking for almost 2 years so my income was the ONLY income we have. Not a good feeling when you have a kid at home, not a good feeling at all.

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  1. I remember a time, not to long ago, scrouging for pennies in the couch, car, under the beds, etc. just for a loaf of bread or pack of tortillas... I couldn't imagine how we'd get out of that mess.

    But we did. Strong people find ways to survive. You will survive-you are a strong individual. You don't quit, you are a fighter.

    Hang tight friend-I'm praying for you & your family, for a better tomorrow...heck, let's pray for a better TODAY, screw tomorrow!