Monday, September 20, 2010

From the mouths of babes...


I am completely bloated after having fallen off the wagon entirely for the last two weeks. What can I say. I am a stress eater and I have been stressed out beyond belief the last few months.

I’m torn between wanting to lose more weight…because I was really starting to get proud of myself for doing it…

…And continuing to eat whatever I want when I want to eat it….because it was really tasty and I love to eat.

Last night SAK caught me in my bra and panties while getting ready for bed. No big deal, he’s only 2 and doesn’t really care much. Except last night he says “look! Mommy’s belly.” So I said “That’s right, this is mommy’s belly.”

And then he said-


I wanted to dive under the blankets and hide. I know he’s just learning the concept of big and little and it’s silly to get upset over what a 2 year old says. But he is starting to notice things and make comparisons and I don’t ever want him to be embarrassed or ashamed of me.

So I’m thinking I’m going back to low carb. Yes it is a restrictive lifestyle. Yes I miss brownies and cookies something fierce at times. But- It’s the only diet plan that is simple enough (for me) to be able to eyeball a meal and know if it is something I can eat. Counting calories is too hard for me. You have to measure and weigh everything! And I find it is near impossible to find accurate calorie counts for restaurant foods. At least when low carbing I know I can have just about anything that is meat and vegetables on the menu and I won’t kill my diet. Plus I can't rationalize away a bad food choice as easily. (go ahead, you can eat a small brownie, just don't have anything else tonight...) I have too many demon voices trying to get me to do the wrong thing to leave it ambiguous like that.

As anyone who has fallen off the low carb lifestyle can tell you, It is HARD to get back to it again. I can actually feel myself resisting it already, my mind making excuses, but it has to be done. SO- Starting today I'm pulling the trigger and doing a 2 week induction to flush the bad mojo from my system. Fair warning to all, I'll probably be crabby for the next few days.


  1. You can do it.

    Eating low carb will reduce your reaction to all the stress life is throwing at you. This is the black pot talking to the kettle.

    I'm quite off plan today and until Saturday but I know there is only one answer for me.

    Low carb only seems hard when you think about it. The food choices are easy. The meals are simple to prepare. You can make them as tasty, spicy or plain as you wish.

    The benefits are:- 1. increased energy after a period of adjustment.
    2. Clearer head and thought processes.
    3. A feeling of lightness.
    4. Freedom to eat anything within the parameters of Lower Carbohydrate foods.
    5. Hunger/appetite satisfaction as the cravings are not continuously triggered.
    6. Reasonably steady weight loss.
    7. Desire to exercise increases.
    8. Taste for sweets and cookies reduces.
    9. No weighing or measuring once you have a handle on appropriate portion sizes.
    10. With a little planning and forethought it's reasonably portable on days when not at home.

    As I write I'm reminding myself I need to get back on track in between the craziness. But Saturday is D DAY for me. I cannot afford to mess around any longer.

    Oh! and I don't know what plan you use but I do not eat extra fat. Even my fat intake goes down when I stick to my healthy low carb plan.

    All the best and we can do this.

  2. Out of the mouthes of babes is right - oof!

    Good on ya for doing what will work for you, even if it's not the easiest thing. :)

  3. I'm proud of ya. It's hard to do, but we both know there are MANY benefits to this. ;) Good luck. Chin up and keep moving forward no matter how difficult.